learn how top apply LLL therapy to horses

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by Anja Füchtenbusch and Peter Rosin) 

Acupuncture and laser therapy are energetic treatment methods which complement one another nicely and are also applied successfully in horse therapy. The book was written with users in mind who are looking for a fast and direct introduction to practical application. It therefore focuses on important indications, presenting effective combination therapies for them with laser and acupuncture which can be applied immediately. The treatments are based on recommendations by Peter Rosin, a pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine. His therapy concepts are a combination of bio-energetic methods, which also include laser therapy and methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They form the basis of a highly efficient, synergistic, and direct treatment approach which this book demonstrates in a compact, comprehensible way for the most important indications of horse therapy. They include, among others: wounds, interference fields, pain, laminitis, equine podotrochlosis syndrome, back pain, kissing spines, hip trouble, spat, tendonitis, horse cough, diseases of the internal organs, metabolic disorders, skin problems, tooth problems, and vascular diseases. The different therapy plans are described and illustrated in detail. A diagnosis and therapy guideline provides methods which can be used directly, even by beginners, for checking their diagnosis and the success of their treatment. Its handy ring binding and laminated pages make the book a sturdy companion for everyday practical applications. 

ISBN 3-00-019200-X; 1st edition, 2006; 144 pages  

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